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Install Virtualbox Guest Additions On CentOS

version: CentOS-6.4-i386-minimal

# update linux kernel souce and some require toolkits.
yum update
yum install make gcc
yum install kernel-devel

# mount additions cdrom
md /media/vboxadd
mount /dev/cdrom /media/vboxadd

# install
sh /media/vboxadd/

PS: Unistall Guest Additions

sh /media/vboxadd/ uninstall

VirtualBox 上的 windows XP 启动时蓝屏

把工作电脑上的XP系统 vdi 复制过来到家里电脑,发现启动不停的蓝屏->重启,但是可以进安全模式,估计是驱动冲突,给出最终的解决办法:

1. 进安全模式
2. cd /d c:
3. dir /s /a intelppm.sys
4. 删除所有找出来的 ‘intelppm.sys’ 文件
5. restart,, … ok.


How to share USB resources in VirtualBox4.1.18_ubuntu

You will need to add your user to the VirtualBox group to be able to share USB resources.

This command will add you to the vboxusers group. Replace “username” with your actual username found by using the whoami command.

su -c 'usermod -G vboxusers -a username'

If you find that you’re getting SELinux errors or denials, try adding as an exception with this command:

su -c 'chcon -t textrel_shlib_t /usr/lib/virtualbox/'

隐藏 Virtualbox 菜单栏和状态栏

How to Hide Menu Bar and Status Bar in VirtualBox

For regular users of Virtualbox, you will notice that whenever you run your VM, there will be the menu bar and status bar that prevent you from running at the maximum resolution (other than seamless mode). This can be a frustrating thing, especially when you are running your VM on a netbook, where every inches of screen space are precious.

Well, with a simple hack, you can actually switch off the menu bar and status bar and get your VM to run in the maximum resolution

To remove the bars, just need run:

VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/Customizations noMenuBar,noStatusBar

To restore them again, enter following into a terminal:

VBoxManage setextradata global GUI/Customizations MenuBar,StatusBar

While the menu bar is gone, you might want to learn some Virtualbox keyboard shortcuts to quickly access the menu.Bring up the menu options – Host + HOME