Git get back some commit from (no branch)

Sometimes you would find that you’re not on any branch when git branch, is described here. This usually happens when you’re using a submodule inside another project. Sometimes you’ll make some changes to this submodule, commit them and then try to push them up to a remote repository, for more details see here:

git branch
* (no branch)

But,, when checkout master, you’ll lost the specific branch named (no branch)

git branch
* master

So, how can we got it back again?

As long as you’ve not done a git gc, then you’ve not lost anything. All you need to do is find it again :) What do you get with:

git reflog # (the commit-ish will be on the first line)

That should show you what happened, and the id of the missing node(s).

To get back to it, just do a git checkout <commit-ish> and your old pseudo branch is restored. also your can merge the specific <commit-ish> to your master.

git checkout master
git merge <commit-ish>