osx (mac) 下面在 /home/新建目录或ln -sf 目录问题


因为平时都是用的 linux, 很多项目的配置都是基于 /home/allex/
但是在mac下用户目录为 /Users/allex
想到直接把 symlink 过来

ln -sf /User/allex /home/allex

系统始终提示: foldername: Operation not supported

google logs:

You need to disable automount. Use sudo vi /etc/auto_master to comment out the /home line. My auto_master file looks like:

# Automounter master map
+auto_master        # Use directory service
/net            -hosts      -nobrowse,hidefromfinder,nosuid
# /home         auto_home   -nobrowse,hidefromfinder
/Network/Servers    -fstab
/-          -static

NOTE: The /home directory is a link to a network drive. If the drive doesn’t exist on your network, a dummy drive is in its place with zero capacity. You cannot place anything in that location.