Development TODOs

  1. Allex-Web-Proxy plugin mechanism for function extensions etc,…
  2. r.core internal require integrations.
  3. Chrome extenssion for english word collection.
  4. ZooKeeper – a quick tutorial
  5. Customize color and width of non overlay scrollbars in Ubuntu
  6. NFS
  7. Playing with the X-Robots-Tag HTTP header
  8. Typecho
  9. Maven lifecycle
  10. read about details: set -x
  11. pushState + ajax = pjax
  12. bower – A package manager for the web
  13. amdfine – A module that can be used to implement AMD’s define() in Node.
  14. jade
  15. 曼陀罗思考法
  16. Maven Password Encryption
  17. Get cursor position in editable div
  18. ozjs
  19. when.js
  20. Cross-domain XHR using postMessage
  21. Tengine
  22. Lua

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