Split ubuntu terminal with Terminator

To install terminator, simply use apt-get:

$ sudo apt-get install terminator

Customize it to your personally habit

$ cat ~/.config/terminator/config

  enabled_plugins = LaunchpadCodeURLHandler, APTURLHandler, LaunchpadBugURLHandler
  handle_size = 1
  new_tab = <Alt>t
  next_tab = <Shift><Alt>t
  split_vert = <Alt>d
  split_horiz = <Shift><Alt>d
    scrollbar_position = hidden
    use_system_font = False
    font = Monospace 9
    background_darkness = 0.98
    background_type = transparent
    background_image = None
    show_titlebar = False
    copy_on_selection = True

Setting terminator’s initial window size:

$ cat ~/.bin/terminator

# Override the souce execute with customize screen size

if [ -f "$SHELL_PATH" ]; then
    "$SHELL_PATH" --geometry=1208x520

save above script as terminator, also make sure in $PATH, such as ~/bin/terminator.

You can use the following keys to split your terminal views

* _Ctrl-Shift-E_: will split the view vertically.
* _Ctrl-Shift-O_: will split the view horizontally.
* _Ctrl-Shift-P_: will focus be active on the previous view.
* _Ctrl-Shift-N_: will focus be active on the next view.
* _Ctrl-Shift-W_: will close the view where the focus is on.
* _Ctrl-Shift-Q_: will exit terminator.
* _F11_: will make **terminator** go fullscreen.

Set this terminator as default terminal <Ctrl+Alt+T>

To change the shortcut and not default terminal

  1. search for keyboard
  2. go to shortcuts and custom shortcuts
  3. press the plus sign to add new shortcut (in this case terminator)
  4. when told that the shortcut ctrl+alt+t is already in use press “reasign”

search for keyboardadd new shortcutreasign

If you go to the Keyboard shortcuts, you will notice under the Launcher section that Ctrl+Alt+T is tied to the “Launch Terminal” action. You can create a Custom Shortcut to your preferred Terminal, and bind that shortcut to it instead.

END enjoy it!