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svn cleanup svn: E200033: sqlite: database is locked

Some days, when run svn xxx in running, but terminated by Ctrl+Z, then i’v get these error messages:

svn cleanup svn: E200033: sqlite: database is locked

This helped me solve the problem (subversion 1.7.10):

$ cd /my/repository/.svn
$ mv wc.db wc.db.old
$ sqlite3 wc.db.old
sqlite> .backup main wc.db
sqlite> .exit

After making sure it works, you can remove wc.db.old.

See also: http://technosophos.com/content/sqlite-database-locked-error-and-unlocking-database

SVN commond tips

SVN undo files added

In Subversion, to cancel an svn add example_folder command before committing to the repository, do not use svn delete or svn remove or made-up stuff like undo or cancel.

Use the svn revert command:

svn revert -R example_folder

How to display a specific user’s commits in svn log?

svn log [SVNPath] --search <USERNAME> -l <LIMIT>

For example:

svn log . --search allex -l 100

Revert changes from specific commit / Undoing Changes

Attempt to revert some changes by a specific commit version: 854

svn merge -r 854:853 l3toks.dtx

Note: 注意版本号之间的顺序,这个叫反向合并 (reverse merger)


svn merge -c -854 l3toks.dtx

The two commands are equivalent.