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svn cleanup svn: E200033: sqlite: database is locked

Some days, when run svn xxx in running, but terminated by Ctrl+Z, then i’v get these error messages:

svn cleanup svn: E200033: sqlite: database is locked

This helped me solve the problem (subversion 1.7.10):

$ cd /my/repository/.svn
$ mv wc.db wc.db.old
$ sqlite3 wc.db.old
sqlite> .backup main wc.db
sqlite> .exit

After making sure it works, you can remove wc.db.old.

See also: http://technosophos.com/content/sqlite-database-locked-error-and-unlocking-database

Mobile safari manually focus text field failed using a delay.

button.addEventListener('click', function() {
    // *** If triggered immediately - functionality occurs as expected
    // input.focus();
    // *** If called by callback - triggers the focusin event, but does not bring up keyboard or cursor
    setTimeout(function() {
    }, 10);

Remember that on iOS setting focus on an input element brings up the keyboard – so all those web pages out there that set focus on an input element on page load, like Google does, would be extremely annoying to use on iOS. I guess Apple decided they had to do something to prevent this. this is a feature not a bug.

There’s no known workaround for this, so you’ll have to ditch the idea of using a delay.