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Avoid Getting Redirected to Country-Specific Versions of Google

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When you’re in another country, Google.com usually redirects to a local version of the Google page—like Google.fr for France, or Google.de for Germany. Here’s how to easily visit the regular Google.com in another country.

All you need to do is head to www.google.com/ncr. The NCR stands for “No Country Redirect”, and it’ll take you back to the regular, English-speaking Google.com without all the local results. Note that it will redirect to Google.com, so if you don’t see the /ncr after you press Enter, that’s normal.

you can use the pws=0 parameter to disable personalized results (e.g google.com/#q=google&pws=0)

you can set another country geo location using the gl paramter (e.g google.com/#q=google&gl=us)